Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Paris (Part 1)


Ok, let's talk about Paris baby! Hahahha...

Sorry for the delay in the update. It's been a pretty hectic week. Today affords me some breather, so I'd better take the opportunity to continue my travelogue, this time to Paghee...

We departed early morning from Willesden to St. Pancras International Terminal. The caretaker, En. Mohamad, was kind enough to offer to send us there. Some more it was raining, so the gesture was even more appreciated. Makaceh Cek Mat!

I bought the Eurostar tickets in July, and was lucky to be able to secure a good price of 70 Euros for return journey for each of us. This time only my siblings and I went to Paris, and our cousin decided to return to Stoke the day before. We were to go to her place upon our return from Paris.

Anyway our journey would take around 2 hours, departing at 8.45. We should be there earlier as we need to get through immigration clearance and all that.

St. Pancras Station

Some view along the way, and me!:))

Upon reaching Gare du Nord, we immediately searched for the Metro to get to the station nearest to our hostel.

After checking in and getting refreshed, we set out for where else? It's Eiffel Tower. I bought the tickets to the summit at the Eiffel Tower official website, and I chose the 5.30PM slot to climb up. My bad, we reached there around noon and we had about 3 hours to kill *sigh*. But at least that gave us the chance to look around and watch people;)

This is iconic isn't it?

See those people behind me? It's the long queue for those who just want to get on the 2nd level deck! Panjang ok, macam ular! Luckily we bought ours beforehand:)

Ok enough with the photos of Eiffel Tower. Jom tengok pemandangan pulak.

Harap maklum, saya ketaq lutut time kat summit ok! Very strong wind, and tower tu gegar-gegar sikit.... Erkkss...

Then soon after, we went down and made our way to Arc de Triomph. It was late evening already, and personally, I've always wanted to go visit this arc more than the Eiffel Tower itself.

Took lots of photos here, and enjoyed the time spent there. I particularly enjoyed this:

Once we were done with Arc de Triomph, we turned to that famous avenue, Champs Elysees... Another place that I've always wanted to go.

These are just some of the views along this famous road.

And of course, if you are a fan, you cannot go to Champs Elysees and NOT pay your tribute to the brand here! It's like a must go for the ladies out there;)

Annd... you cannot leave the flagship without leaving with an item, can't you?:) But sorry, not gonna show it here, segan:)
By then our feet felt like 1-tonne stones already, and my sister and brother complained about being tired and cannot walk anymore. So we balik hostel lah!

Next day punya agenda in the next entry ok? Ciao!

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