Friday, 13 August 2010

Hari Esok Dalam Sejarah


Camne puasa so far? For me biasa-biasa je. Kan sebab dah biasa puasa kan?:)

Anyway, today's Friday the 13th. But for me the date holds no significant meaning whatsoever pun. Saja syok nak sebut hehehe..

Anyway, esok akan menjadi hari yang bersejarah...kot:)

Esok nak pegi collect kunci rumah, dan buat joint inspection with the personnel from my developer.

Doa-doakan rumah in a good condition ya? Takde major defects, or small defects that can be rectified quickly. Insya-Allah lepas sibuk dengan Raya ni dah boleh plan untuk pindah rumah pulak.

So excited, so anxious, so looking forward to it. Pray everything turns out good for me;)


  1. Exciting moment tomorrow!!! Hope everything goes well yah!

  2. Thanks Eti!:)..

    Tws interesting indeed. Alhamdulillah so far no major defect. Tgk mata kasar la. Tomorrow I'll employ my eagle-eye sight and find those things I want fixed. If still nothing to rectify, can start making plans to move already la


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