Friday, 3 July 2009

I'm Buying An Apartment

Rehat jap dari bercerita tentang Beijing trip.

I think the title itself is self-explanatory. Anyway, yeah about a month+ ago I bought an apartment. The thing is, the place where I'm currently renting is just...overwhelmed by the presence of foreigners especially. I reckon it's turned into a slum. Some more with the increasing number of crimes there, and the lack of parking, I figured maybe it's time for me to finally get my own place. Ye la..kalau tunggu lama-lama pun takut susah nak dapat favourable loan rates from the bank kan.

But I'm telling you, being a house buyer is not easy. Being a first time buyer even more so. And since I'm buying this place all by myself (sob...sob) I have to bear all the costs.

Originally I planned to buy second-hand apartment or condo pun fine by me. I've looked into a few places near where I'm living right now, but none so far yang betul-betul menawan hati. I've also looked up on the net and made enquiries to view some properties, but well, let's just say those agents are not really eager for commissions they might get out of selling me a house. But anyway Lily, an agent for this place actually called me so I agreed to view it. Problem is the property is still under construction in Puchong. Alamak kat Puchong le pulak, because actually I was not eager to find any property there since kalau nak pegi keja kena bayar tol, and LDP itself is really notorious for it's traffic jam. Dahla tol mahal!!! Tapi bila mengenangkan since that area banyak lagi freehold property which is within the price I can afford I just went for it la and set the appointment.

Anyway masa pegi tu dengan my good friend Nina I didn't have any expectation sangatla, sebab ingat I won't be buying property there.

But dipendekkan cerita, we both fell in love with the place!!It's currently around 60-70% completed, so I expect to move there middle of next year. The place is called Desa Idaman Residences, it's a mid-range apartment with resort-style facilities. Anyway here are some pictures I've downloaded from the developer's website:

The exterior of the property, taken from the actual site. Some blocks are nearing completion, whereas some are still very much concrete and glass. They've also started doing the landscaping, so I know the project will be completed on time, if not ahead (cross me fingers)

This is the flor plan of the house. I just bought the unit with 955sqft. Kalau lagi besar lagi mahal la...

These are the exterior photos, and again taken from the actual show unit. Of course show unit mestila diorang buat cantik-cantik kan?But I have a vision of having my place looking like this;)

Well, not exactly, but close enough. So now I really, really have to work hard and earn more and save up for my new house.

The nice thing is every unit comes with free kitchen cabinet, cooking hood and hob, then in the bathroom free marble top and sink, shower screen in master room bathroom, as well as timber skirting, porcelain tiles, and 3 air-conds!! Also free maintenance fee for one year after handover, I think kira Ok la kot, at least no need to pening-pening kepala buying those things when I'm moving in later kan....

Now, though I'm having a different kind of pening kepala because ada lagi urusan yang nak kena habiskan. So far Alhamdulillah I got a loan from CIMB, S&P Agreement pun dah signed, just tinggal nak submit application to EPF je lagi to withdraw my money there to add to the down payment.


  1. salam singgah oii...tq singgah rah blog kamek..kacak apartment pilih kitak tok, look cosy n comfy jak....all the best with yr application ...

  2. Mizz.........salam singgah. kamek nak nanyak pasal rumah beli kitak ya. rasa2 nak jenguk siya...mun affordable...boleh kita berjiran.

  3. Mizz, kacak apartment ya. Mun mampu & ada excess bagus beli apartment baru. Mun nak 2nd ya kelak entah2 ada Ju-on. Hehehehhhh.....

    Ne kitak lamak sik nampak? Mauk gago berjual kek lapis & biskut raya. All the best to you. Mudahan murah rezeki kitak thn tok.


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