Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Beijing (Part 2)

After traipsing the Tiananmen Sq and the Forbidden City for the better part of the first day, we went back to the hotel quite early, right after dinner. My parents were tired, but my sis and I still had some leftover energy, so we went jalan2 at the street below the hotel.

It was indeed a hive of activities, and it's like Beijing came more alive at night. Street vendors with their wares of varying kinds and not to mention street stalls selling mainly satay-like food, what we here call the lok-lok. I didn't really want to see them one by one, takut nampak benda yg pelik2, and of course not to mention the smell la. Beijingites are really laid back at night, and as it is a pet-friendly city, you can see pet owners walking their dogs around this time too. Most of them memang on a leash, but some are carried like babies. Beijingites seem to favour small breed of dogs, so you can see lotsa shih-tzus and Pekingese dogs here. Another strange thing is for the 5 days that I was there, I did not see a single cat!!!Mintak2 la it's not because diorang makan those cats la kan....tak boleh nak imagine my anak2 bulu jadik hidangan diorang...Yikess!!!

Anyway, the next day, our itinerary was mainly to the Summer Palace, and of course visits to those compulsory place, this time it's the fresh water pearl place.

Enough talk, here are the photos:

There were 22 pearls in that oyster, and we could take one. I got the purple one hehehe...

Then it's off to the Summer Palace. Ramai gila orang!!But the place itself is amazing. Had a hard time fending off street peddlers, as well as protecting mum from them.

This is the entrance.

Our tour group. So nice travel 6 orang je, x risau banyak perangai nak kena tolerate...

Lake Kunming at the Summer Palace, and the place where long...long..long..time ago, the queens and empress of China reared fresh water oysters to get pearls for beauty purposes. It is said that they kept their skin clean and complexion fair by pounding the pearls into powder and put it on their faces. Ala-ala susuk mutiara la tu...

The area of this palace itself is vast, and counting the whole area, including the mountains and the pagoda at the back of the pictures, it even exceeds that of the Forbidden City!

Then, the water from the lake itself, due to irrigation project in which dynasty I don't know la, flows all the way to Forbidden City, which is around 50km away. That's why along the way there, when we drove past their man-made river, it's so clean that the water itself is green. Along the way it was fenced so that nobody could get near and pollute it.

After Summer Palace, went to another mandatory place, the traditional Chinese Medicine HQ *sigh*...Here Dad spent quite a lot of money to buy medicine for himself and Mum, I objected a bit, but what to do, it's his money kan...Bukan apa takut ken a tipu je..Sesambil tu dapatla free foot massage;)

My kaki kena urut, and the 'professor' sedang melecture my Mum about whatever ailment she has. Memang tak cover2 langsung harusla terus suruh beli tu beli ni.Aiyo these people you're serving tourists make an effort to learn English la...Aku yg dengar diorg punyer translator tu pun pening kepala trying to make out what she was saying.

But with all the money spent, I hope they're worth it la for my parents...

Next...Cerita the next day pulak la..panjat Great Wall...But tunggu....

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