Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm Not That Kind of Blogger..

I'm sorry if whoever reads my blog (ada kerr???huhuhu..) expect me to update everyday and detailing all my moves and things happening around me.

Sorry, I'm not that type of blogger la... I don't think my life is interesting enough to be documented, or that I'm too busy (otherwise make myself busy) to have many things happen around me that I could just stop and observe and even take photos.

I don't even have a decent camera, I rely mostly on my two trusted phones. But then again, I can't even upload the photos from my Omnia as its software so far's been only installed in my sister's laptop, and since I don't have one, and since she's moved back to Kuching, so that kinda leave me in a lurch of not having anywhere to install it in, you see? Maybe ada rezeki then bolehla beli that HP mini I've been eyeing for a few months. Maybe I can check it out in the upcoming PC Fair. That's one of my big wish actually.

It's small, it's mobile, and I believe it caters to all my multimedia/blogging/web-surfing needs. I don't need it for my design works as all can be done at my own work station. But even if I need bigger space, I can just jack up an external hard disk.

Another wish-a camera. But with two phone cameras, should I get a real one? I don't know. If only money grows on tree, I'd definitely pluck it and buy me one of these babies:

Too bad the price tag alone can burn a hole in my pocket. But hopefully I don't do anything...unwise (stupid more like it la) and go ahead and buy. Errkk...Kena pikir banyak2 kalau nak beli benda mahal2 ni kan...Kalau tak nanti bajet larik...Abis nak makan apa nanti?

So we'll see how it goes. PC Fair will be held in a few weeks, so I think I'd better shelf the netbook-and-digicam-buying thought at the back of my mind. For the time being la yer...Just wish me luck (and big profit, murah rezeki) in any venture.Amin..

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  1. Mizz, I've been eyeing for a mini-laptop for many mths until I decided not to buy. Laptop lamak masih bagus cuma a bit slow. BTW, I've a good digicam but I seldom use it. Mula2 jak rajin. Ya namanya hangat2 tahi ayam.


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