Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I'm Flying Home...Again!!

On Friday, I will be flying home again in Kuching..

Though it'll be a short trip, but I can't wait!! And this time, I'm pretty sure I'll be meeting even more family members as I'll be home for my cousin's wedding.

Just sorry that I can't be there longer, cuti dah habis beb!!! Padan muka amik cuti Raya lelama sangat ehhehehe:)


  1. selamat balik kampung ye..jgn lupe la tapau ape2 yg patut..hehehe

  2. TQ tq heheheh..nak tapau gapo Opie??Makanan kenduri ada la kot hahaha

  3. salam, blog walking. . . interesting blog!


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